About Us

Like the odd new kids on the block, Wizeguys Comedy are making waves with their colorful webisodes with a style that teeters between, SNL and a good old fashion kick in the shin. Each original short, whether animated or scripted  it will leave you soiling yours with infectious humor and satire. Their outlandish comedic style has the YouTube community returning to their channel to indulge in their favorite webisodes like “Geos Pizza” Season 1 and “Cocks”, the femme version of the classic Hooter’s joint, that is delightfully exaggerated to have you lingering for more from none other than the Wizeguys of Comedy.

Their channel boasts of consistently updated material, thankfully these talented
goofballs never run out of on air antics as they constantly updating content ranging from social commentaries, mockumentaries, music videos and delicious off-the-wall skits.

As Wizeguys Comedy grows, their gang of witty comedy writers, actors, directors, and
producers strive to deliver you something you’ll favor and have you looking forward to
what these brainiacs have in store. With no signs of slowing down, this talented team
intends on releasing new material daily. What does that mean for the Youtube community?
It means there is something uplifting to look forward to during your lunch break for a mid-day laugh session.